COVID-19 Exposures, Symptoms, Testing and Patient Handout


As summer slowly comes to an end and school begins the spread of COVID-19, commonly the "Delta" variant, is likely to continue as it has over the month of August.  With that, there will be many questions regarding testing for COVID-19, either if your child has any symptoms or if they are exposed (or both).  There are a several options for testing that are available to you.  It is likely that your child will fall into one of the following scenarios:

1.  Your child has been exposed to COVID-19 and is experiencing no symptoms, and testing is needed and/or desired.

     - CVS and Walgreens are performing testing on all children 3 years of age and older.  Please call or visit their respective websites for details.

     - You can self schedule a test through the Yale system, for any aged child, by going to the following website:  

     - Your child will likely be asked to quarantine for 14 days, and the ideal time for testing is 5-7 days from the exposure.

     - If you use the Yale system, you can create a "MyChart" on line so that you can easily access the results.  The link for information to set this up can be found using the link:


2.  Your child has been exposed to COVID-19 and is experiencing symptoms and testing is needed and/or required.

     - A test can be performed as detailed in scenario 1 above.

     - Your child will likely need to isolate or quarantine depending on the results for 10-14 days.


3.  Your child has not been exposed to COVID-19 but is having symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

     - You can call our office to make an in-office appointment so that your child can be examined and a sample for COVID-19 can be collected and delivered to Yale New Haven Hospital.  

     - You may elect to simply have your child tested through the testing sites as listed in scenario 1.


In scenario 1 and 2, a telemedicine appointment can be made to discuss any aspect of COVID-19 ranging from symptoms, exposure risks to your child or other family members, proper isolation/quarantine needed, expected clinical course, etc.  Any child that has a positive test for COVID-19 needs an office visit after they are out of isolation.

Of note, our nursing staff is not in a position to offer specific guidance regarding the details of individual/family exposure risks, quarantine/isolation, return to daycare/school/work, etc.  This is properly done by one of the providers by telemedicine (Scenario 1 and 2) or at an office visit (scenario 3).


More detailed information can be found in our Handout:  COVID-19 Patient Handout 



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