COVID-19 Testing for College Students [+]

As the college school year is fast approaching there is an increase demand for testing students before they arrive on campus. The test that colleges are requiring is the nasal swab 'variety', and not the blood test. The nasal swab test evaluates if an individual has an active infection, and the blood test evaluates if an individual as had a previous, or past, infection. The testing the colleges are requiring are to be considered a screening test. In other words, the students seeking this test should be without any symptoms at all. If you are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 then you should call our office immediately. It has become increasingly clear to many that the demand for testing is quite high for the population in general. To make it easier for our patients to obtain a college screening test in a more timely fashion we have included a list of some local facilities in our "Recent News" section below that perform tests without needing an order from our office. Please be advised that testing facilities may vary in their 'turn around time' so please plan ahead.

Available for Urgent Care Evenings, Weekends and Holidays Learn More ›
Available for Urgent Care Evenings, Weekends and Holidays Learn More ›

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