Emergency Calls

Essex Office: 860.767.0168

Old Saybrook Office: 860.388.4545

We hope you don't have any, but if you do... our practice is covered for emergencies, day and night.

Always call in first rather than driving to an emergency room. Often we will be able to provide you with critical first aid instructions by phone (e.g., for burns, poisonings, or possible fractures). We can help you make the decision whether or not it is safe for you to drive your child to the office, or whether an ambulance should be called. We can also tell you where to take your child for the best emergency care for the particular problem.

When you call in for a true emergency, state assertively to the person answering, “This is an emergency.” Do not let an answering service or receptionist put you on hold. If you are calling with a true emergency and are put on hold, hang up and call back immediately.

Only if you have tried to reach us unsuccessfully should you call the nearest hospital emergency room. Ask to speak to the physician on call there for advice.

Special Circumstances

911 calls are reserved (and should be used) for those emergencies where your child may need resuscitation (for example, the child is not breathing) or needs an ambulance. By their regulations, ambulances may transport patients only to the nearest hospital emergency department. Please cooperate with them – the rule is a good one as patients requiring ambulance transport need a level of care above and beyond what can be provided in a doctor's office.


The poison control center can be reached by calling 800.222.1222. Please call them first before calling our office, as they can more readily check ingredients on a substance ingested or identify a plant. If you need to call poison control, having the container with the ingested substance (or the plant) will help the poison control center identify the item and whether intervention is needed.

In crisis situations, call 211.

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