Calling With Medical Questions

During regular hours, all medical questions are referred to the “phone nurse” for triage and initial screening. Our office nurses are all experienced, and have been specially trained in making decisions about which patients need to be seen, home treatment for children who don’t need an office visit, etc. Experience shows that they can expediently and effectively manage 99% of the concerns patients and parents have.

On the other hand, although the nurse is happy to advise you on basic home treatment of simple diseases, please do not ask her to prescribe antibiotics, fully explain and discuss lab results, make changes in the treatment of a chronic disorder, etc. “over the phone.” That may initially seem convenient but does not meet our high standard of “ practicing the time-honored way – thoughtfully and with integrity, personally and face-to-face.”

When your call comes in, the nurse may be talking to another patient on another telephone line. If that happens, leave a message and the nurse will call you back (generally within 45 - 60 minutes).

If you are calling to speak with the nurse about an ill child, before calling us, know the following (except in emergencies):

  • Your child’s approximate weight
  • Your child’s temperature, preferably taken by thermometer (NOT “feel,” ear “thermo-scan,” or forehead tape) if he or she is sick
  • Your pharmacy’s name

If the phone nurse has any concerns or questions, she will either consult with the practitioner or ask you to come in for an office visit. Please follow her advice. While for your convenience we do offer scheduled telephone consultations with a physician as part of our premium services, they are generally not covered by insurance. The quickest, most efficient and cost-effective way to have your concerns addressed is to speak with the phone nurse first, and we strongly encourage you to do so.

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