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As you know, the federal law that governs patient privacy is extensive and far reaching.  HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is something we take very serious and try to follow it exactly as it should be.  Confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of the 'doctor-patient' relationship, and we take that (perhaps) even more seriously.  We know that the care for our adolescent patients can be maximized when they understand this sacred relationship.  That is why we follow a longstanding policy of granting confidentiality for pateints when they reach their 13th birthday. 

Also, the law governs how we can dispense medical information.  The ability to release medical information is under tight and restictive guidelines, and for good measure.  As a basic tenet, we are not allowed to send medical information via fax except for a few minor exceptions.  Thus, almost all 'release of medical information' requires written authorization.

Below is a snipet of the Privacy Policies that deals with both these issues, but please read the full policy under the "Policies and Insurance" tab on our homepage.  Please understand that the laws under HIPAA are meant to protect patients and their private medical information.

     We strongly encourage patients of any age to share information and concerns with parents and legal guardians. However, in our practice patients are given confidentiality as of their 13th birthday. By bringing their minor children to Wildwood Pediatrics and utilizing our services, parents/guardians are specifically consenting and assenting to this practice, therefore the minor child's IIHI is protected from their 13th birthday on. Exceptions to this include cases of suspected child abuse, any child or adolescent who expressed an intent to harm themselves or another person, etc.. Additionally, patients of any age are mandated confidentiality, by Connecticut and Federal law, in a variety of specific circumstances (including, for example, treatment of sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy or other reproductive health, treatment for drug or alcohol dependence, initial mental health treatment, etc.).


     Forms such as the Connecticut Blue School Form, School Sports Participation Form, Pre-School Health Forms, and Authorization for Administration of Medicines (for prescription medicines), (including other formats that contain the same or similar information for the same or similar purposes) may be given directly, or mailed, to the parent, legal guardian, or patient. With the exception of the Connecticut Blue School Form (which may be released directly to a public or parochial school without specific parent or patient authorization), these forms will not be otherwise released (directly or indirectly – including by mail or facsimile – to anyone) without an original written authorization signed by the parent, legal guardian, or patient.

Authorization for Administration of Medicines Forms for non-prescription medicines and/or Immunization Records may be released to anyone (directly or indirectly – including by mail or facsimile) with verbal authorization of the patient, parent, or legal guardian.



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