Telemedicine "Virtual" Appointments at Wildwood Pediatrics


We are pleased to be able to offer telemedicine visits during our regular office hours for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  To schedule an appointment, please call our office and a staff member will determine if a telemedicine visit is appropriate for your child.


Our telemedicine platform allows us to speak with you about your child's condition and conduct a real-time visual exam. Proper telemedicine visits can include ill appointments, consults and follow up of on going medical conditions or concerns.


Cost of the visit:  This visit will be billed to your insurance company; however, benefits and coverage may vary by your individual plan.  Currently, most insurance companies are supporting telemedicine appointments in the same manner in which they cover traditional, 'in-office' visits.  Thus, co-pays, deductibles, non-covered services, etc are the responsibilty of the guarantor just as it is for an 'in-office' visit.  If a visit is truly of a COVID-19 related illness the insurance company may waive the guarantor's responsibilty.  


We are using the zoom application for telemedicine visits.  Upon scheduling, you will be asked to provide an email address which is where we will send the appointment invitation.  Prior to your appointment, please download the zoom application to your phone or computer at If you have not received the e-mail invitation, please check your spam folder or contact our office.  Please be avaiable for your appointment 10 minutes before, and 20 min after, your scheduled time.


Telemedicine Consent


By downloading the zoom application and participating in the telemedicine session, you are consenting to participate in this service and understand the following:


  • Telemedicine visits do have limitations due to the fact that the patient is not in the same room as the health care provider 
  • There are potential risks to using this technology including interruptions, unauthorized access and technical difficulties.
  • Your health care provider may decide that is necessary for you to be seen in person.
  • The same confidentiality protections and policies that apply to care in our office apply to the telemedicine service.


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